Private server Darksouls Clash of Clans for iOS – play without jailbreak

Electro dragon

Today we will explain how to install and run a private COC server on iOS devices without hacking it. Start the installation without jailbreaking it has become real now. After reading this article you can install other private servers.

DarkSouls v10.134.11 Private Server for Clash of Clans on iOS

NEW electro dragon


DarkSouls is a mod of the original Clash of Clans with unlimited resources and all the latest changes to the game. The game’s client contains new buildings with exclusive types of troops and various functions not available in the classic Clash of Clans. Attacking your base, updating all buildings and resetting all changes to the starting values is not only possible with the help of game commands.

Key features:

  • Town Hall 12 level.
  • Siege weapons and airship.
  • Electro dragon.
  • Free gems.

In addition, you will have unlimited resources, the possibility of online battles in both villages and a global chat for communication and activation of all mods.

Instructions for installing private servers on iOS without hacking jailbreak

To install, you do not need to hack your tablet or phone using a jailbreak. This method is simple and the only thing you need is a PC or Mac.

Follow the steps of our instructions:

  1. Download the zip archive of the Cydia Impactor program from our website and install it on your PC or Mac by unpacking it into a new folder on your desktop.
  2. Launch “Impactor” in this folder.
  3. Connect your mobile with iOS to PC. Cydia Must detect your device.
  4. Now you can download our private server DarkSouls IPA. Download the server to the folder with Cydia on the desktop.
  5. Start the IPA server and specify your data from the iTunes service in the appeared window. We recommend creating a new account
  6. After entering the data, the IPA server is installed on your mobile device.
  7. The final step is to confirm the email specified during server installation. To do this, follow the path of the iPhone – General and Device Management.
  8. Now you can play.

Download files to install a private COC server on iOS

All the necessary files for installing a private server on your iOS can be found on our website.

Darksouls 7.6.5 IPA Private Server – DOWNLOAD.

Cydia for Windows – DOWNLOAD.

Cydia impactor for Mac – DOWNLOAD.

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