Download update Clash of Clans 11.866.1 October 2019

October update clash of clans

The developers have released their new update for the online strategy Clash of Clans. You are waiting for new clan search tags instead of global chat, new events and is expected to be added a new temporary hero for Halloween. It is possible that they will be the royal ghost from the Royal Flush.

Clash of Clans October 14, 2019 Patch Description

October update clash of clans

In the new update, the developers added not as many changes as many wanted. Major changes await us in the global update, which they promise to release at the end of the year. In the meantime, we have to be content with the small. So, in this update we are waiting for a new algorithm for searching for players for the clan, updated the legendary league, received reward changes in the Clan Wars and improved the game interface. Now about everything in more detail.


Game events got changes. If you missed or could not complete the event on time, now you can restore the task for gems. Also, three new types of seasons have been added.

Loot Basket

This basket will now have a permanent place next to the Trader’s tent and will no longer appear in random places.

New Clan Search Tags

Tags in clash of clans

As you remember, the work of the Global chat will stop soon. He is replaced by special tags with the help of which new artificial intelligence will select the suitable clan for you.

As a player, you can select up to 3 tags, classify your style of play (out of a total of 15 predefined tags). They will be displayed in your player profile.
In your Clan, now you can also select up to 3 tags that define your team’s playing style! They will be shown in the profile.
For Clans: Leaders and Soklaners can open the clan’s menu and will see a list of potential recruits.
For players: now you can enable the ability to receive invitations from the clan, even if you are already in the clan.


The number of fast slots has been increased from 3 to 6 slots.

Royal halloween ghost

This has not yet been officially advertised, but some players have already been able to unearth a new temporary character in the game code. and judging by the game characteristics, it will turn out to be a royal ghost from the game Royal Flush. On the private server clahs of magic, this hero is already available for the game.

Full video update review from developers

The developers, together with the update, released a video in which they spoke in detail about new plans for the continuation of the game about the big future update and what awaits us in this update.


The new update is available for download at the link below through our website.

Clash_of_Clans_v11.866.1 DOWNLOAD

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