Download the private server Darksouls 10.322.10 Clash of Clans with new buildings

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Introducing the new version of Clash of Souls private server for Clash of Clans, which is also known as DarkSouls. This is exactly the same as the Supercell server, the only difference is that you will have unlimited resources at the beginning of the game and all the buildings already built.

Description of the private server Clash of Souls 10.322.10 from 08.09.2018

clash of souls


Clash of Souls is a private Clash of Clans server that provides an unlimited amount of gold, gems and elixir, no waiting time for construction and much more.
This mod came in 2014 with 10 players, and now more than 50,000 players are playing on it, join and be one of them! Clash of Soul has four servers and you can load the FHX server according to your needs.

overall damage

DarkSouls released their new Clash Of Clans Private Server 2018 version 7.7.5 based on the latest version 10.322.10 with many improvements, bug fixes and improved stability. Most importantly, this private server now includes the Townhall 12 Town Hall, with an electric dragon, siege weapons and new buildings.
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1) Go to this page to download the IOS version with full manual. No jailbreak required.

Download Clash of Souls private server for android

Download this private server for free on your mobile device through our website at the links below.

Server 1 – Soul Eater: This server includes various types of mods, including magic archers, Pekku, and new heroes. You also will not have a limit on the construction of buildings.

Download S1 APK Server

Server 2 – “Heart of the Soul”. This server is a copy of the s1 server with the exception of one item. Here the number of buildings is limited.

Download S2 APK Server

Server 3 – Velocity of Soul: this server has no mods. Here you will find only unlimited resources.

Download S3 APK Server

Server 4 – The Vengeance of Souls: This server includes all the mods from S1 and, also, there is no limit to buildings.

Download S4 APK Server

Official web site of developers –

In addition to the android, you can also run this server on a PC. To do this, use the android emulator.

Download emulator Bluestacks.

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