Download the October Brawl Stars update from EMZ

new character EMZ

In the near future, a holiday update for the Brawl Stars game will be available for download with the new EMZ Browler and new game modes. So far, we will present you the details of the new update.

New brawler EMZ and other interesting news

Brave Stars update with EMZ

From the developers were published the details of the new update, which comes out for Halloween and contains many thematic new products. You are waiting for a free character EMZ, funny skins made in the style of Halloween and game events available to everyone.

New character – zombie EMZ

new character EMZ

The developers announced a new female character EMZ. This zombie character has already gained popularity since the announcement and many already want to experience it in the game.

The new star has in its arsenal a spray can with which it attacks enemies. It deals damage the first damage when spraying paint and the second already from the toxic cloud created by the paint. Poisonous areas are formed for several seconds and all this time cause damage to the enemy.

Super ability EMZ creates an area similar in size to Sandy, in which opponents slow down and take damage.

Morgue Mortis

This is a 3×3 survival mode in which you have to defeat death itself. During the game round, you will gradually lose XP level and you can restore it by killing opponents. The map turned out to be very atmospheric.

New character skins

New skins bravlars stars

In this update, you will see several new skins for your characters at once. These are the styles of witches, werewolves, and other Halloween creatures.

Download October update for android

You can download the new update today at the link below.

Brawl_Stars_22.93 Download

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