Download the new Null’s Clash 11.651.10 private server for Clash of Clans 2019

The long-awaited update for the private Null’s Clash of Clans server has been released. The server received a new version 11.651.10 and now contains a level 9 builder house, an updated town hall and a full online mode. And of course, all resources with an infinite supply are available to you.

Description of Null’s Clash Private Server

Null’s Clash11.651.10

Due to the large number of innovations in the original game, the update release dragged on for a long time, but according to the assurances of the server developers, it’s not in vain. We got a working version of the new modified server. At the moment, the server is fully functional, and you can upgrade the village builder to the 9th level, and in the main village all the buildings received new and much more.

Please note that for quick improvements, you will have to use the quick “/ -th” command. Enter the clan chat, write the team first and after the space enter the number BH. We need level 9, so the command will be “/ th 9”. After that, the server will reboot and the level will be raised.

In the new version you will see additional levels for heroes. A new window of battles with battles in the legendary league. They added an interesting “/ crazyskins” command. By entering this team, you can change the appearance of barbarians and archers.

Full list of changes to Clash Null in 11.651.10:

  • Added a new level to the builder’s hut – 9.
  • Added new levels for many troops and spells.
  • New window for battles.
  • Many small improvements and fixes.
  • Improved server stability.

Download the latest Null’s Clash private server

You can traditionally download a private server completely free of charge from the link below through our website.

Nulls Clash11.651.10 Download for android

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