Download the latest version of the private Nulls clash 13 server with a new town hall and new heroes

Nulls clash 13.0.13

Before the original Clash of Clans game got its winter update, the Nulls craftsmen immediately updated their server to the latest version. Now the TX 13 Town Hall, new heroes, units and new levels will be available to you. With this server, you can quickly open all new new maintenance of the official version of the game.

Description of Nulls clash 13.0.13

Nulls clash 13.0.13

A private server is a modified version of a game in which user mods are already included. In this version, you will have access to mods for resources, construction, and cheat codes to quickly update your troops.

Nulls clash is the first server that contains the town hall of 13 and all new heroes, and at the same time, all battles on the network with your friends are available to you.

After the modernization of the TX 13 Town Hall, new levels for heroes and buildings, as well as new units, will become available to you. Among them are new siege machines, a new stationary defense system and a new hero – the Royal Champion.

Features of the private Nulls clash 13.0.13 server:

  • Unlimited resources such as gold and elixir to quickly upgrade your base and troops.
  • New heroes.
  • New units.
  • New spells.
  • Quick commands.
  • Network battles.


New Yeti Troops Home Base

Download the latest Nulls clash 13.0.13 private server for android

You can download the latest version of the private server from the link below.

Nulls clash 13.0.13 DOWNLOAD APK

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