Download the latest version of the Lwarb private server for Brawl Stars from EMZ

A new version of the Lwarb private server for the online game Brawl Stars has been released. Endless boxes and gold, new characters, new skins, new game modes all in the new version of the private server. Read more below.

Description of the private Lwarb Brawl Stars server dated 10.25.2019

Lwarb Private Server is a hacked version of the popular Brawl Stars game. Hacking the game code, it became possible to use cheats, mods and teams for quick actions and replenishment of resources, boxes, crystals.

In the new version, the developers added:

  • New character EMZ.
  • New boss (in modz version).
  • New terrifying skins.
  • Exclusive skins (in modz version).
  • Sparky’s exclusive character (in modz version).
  • The new game mode from the original version is Power Play.

Zombies – EMZ

New brawler EMZ Character from the original game to the joy of all players migrated to a private server. Now you do not need to save long on it. Play with your friends along with a new cute zombie.

Recall, this is a new hero added to the game last October update for the game Brave Stars. He is armed with a spray can, which inflicts severe damage to the enemy. And using super you can significantly slow down the enemy and slowly finish off the enemy characters.

Halloween update skins

New skins bravlars stars

Download private lwarb server for android

Update patch November 8, 2019

The server is available in two versions. Classic and Modz.

A standard server with only unlimited resources and standard characters.

lwarb-classic Download

Modified server with added skins and characters that are not in the original game.

lwarb-mods Download

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