Download the latest version of Clash of Clans v.13.0.1 with a new town hall and a new hero

Last update of Clash of clans 13.0.1

An update has become available for the online strategy Clash of Clans v.13.0.1 with the most recent changes. Yeti, the Royal Champion, new siege vehicles, a new town hall and much more will be waiting for you. You can download the new update from the link at the end of this article.

Description of the latest Clash of Clans 13.0.1 update dated December 09, 2019

Last update of Clash of clans 13.0.1

In this update, developers added a lot of new content. A new level 13 town hall appeared, and with it, multiple building updates became available. A new hero was added – the Royal Champion, with truly royal skills and improved the balance of the game.

Key features of the latest update:

  • Town Hall 13.
  • The new hero is the Royal Champion.
  • Yeti with Yeti.
  • New siege weapons.
  • New gameplay in his native village.
  • Error correction.
  • New levels.
  • New game balance.

Town Hall Level 13

By downloading this update you can update your town hall to the last level. With the update you will get the opportunity to improve your troops and missions, and you will also have a new defensive weapon – the Giant Inferno. Enemies will regret if they come too close to her.
Royal champion

This is a new hero that has been added to the developers. He is armed with a shield and a powerful spear capable of inflicting huge damage. He has a strong super ability. Throwing his shield, he will be able to damage any enemy defensive fortifications in any part of the map.

New Defense Unit – Thrower

This machine is capable of attacking both air targets and ground targets. She throws a huge stone, which when scattered falls into several small stones, and will be able to inflict additional damage to nearby targets.

Yeti and his cubs

This beast came down to us from the icy mountains. He has inhuman strength and high stamina. In battles, he deals damage with his huge paws. Behind him is hanging a basket with his cubs, who enter the fray when the Yeti’s health level becomes close to zero.
New levels and new game balance

The game has updated many characters from the dark barracks. You can get new levels by building the last-level town hall and updating the laboratory.

The main changes were received storage and protective structures. Among other things, among other buildings there are changes, and which you can see in the new update.


Yeti Level 13 Town Hall Royal Champion

Siege weapons


You can download this update from the link below.

Clash of Clans 13.0.1 DOWNLOAD

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