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top private server

In this article, we have prepared for you the top best private servers for 2018 for the online strategy of Clash of Clans. All servers are available for download through our server and are freely available.

Clash of Clans Private Servers

top private server



Using hacked private servers you can play with new warriors, heroes and have infinite resources. Different servers include different modes, different connection speed, build quality and number of participants.

    We draw your attention that you can play online battles only between the participants of the current server!

Thus, the more popular the server, the more players will be on it and less waiting time for the enemy. Keep this in mind when choosing a server.

We have already selected the list of the best servers with which you can read and download below.

Our top list looks like this:

  • Clash of Lights Server.
  • Clash of Magic Sever.
  • FHX Server.
  • Clash of dreams.
  • Clash paradise.
  • Clash of bugs.
  • Miro clash.
  • Clash of Souls Server.

Clash of Magic

This server is a prime example of a popular server. Developers regularly release updates and monitor all official game changes, adding and improving their servers. 4 versions of the server are available for you, so that everyone can find what he needs. These versions differ in the number of mods included in the build. This is starting from the server without mods and ending with the version with the maximum number of mods. Here you will find the latest version of the server with all available mods.

You can read more in our article.

How to install Clash of Magic private server?

First of all, you need to download the. Apk file from the link below.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that before installing any private server, you need to delete the original Clash of Clans game.
Open the APK file and enable on setting for unknown resources.
Allow your device and OS resources for proper server operation.
After installation, simply open the app and enjoy!

Download Clash Of Magic COC 10.134.6 APK

Clash of Lights

This is another amazing server for you! It has some features different from other hacked Clash of Clans game servers.

The high speed of the server ensures that there are no errors related to the connection and the network, and you will not encounter any problems when you play on this private server.
Another great feature is that this server is more secure and secure than others. Thus, you do not need to worry, just download, install and play without limits with unlimited resources, precious stones, gold coins.

You can unlock all services and features within minutes at no cost. What you can get in a few months, here you get in a few minutes.

Another important feature is that you can build an unlimited number of buildings and hire an endless army, because the servers are powerful, allowing you to do this.

Installation Instructions Clash of Lights

First of all, you need to download the APK file of Clash of Lights Private Server at the link below.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that before installing any private server, you need to delete the original Clash of Clans game.
Open the APK file and enable on setting for unknown resources.
Allow the resources of your device and OS for the private server to work properly.
The problem may arise in the form of restarting the device, do not worry, just wait and do not interfere with work.
After installation, simply open the app and enjoy!

Download Clash of Lights APK v10.322 S1

FHX server

Next in line is another interesting hacking of the official game Clash of Clans. Infinite troops, a bottomless treasure chest, fast servers – that’s what awaits you here. Start and play on your smartphone and get real pleasure.

Gold, elixir and crystals are endless.
The limit troops – 10 million.
Setting up the server for yourself and to your taste.
High speed server.
Unlimited buildings.

How to install this FHX server on Android?

After downloading, the next step is to install this private server on your android device. Some people say that it cannot be installed on an Android device without a root device. But they are wrong. Everything works fine with a normal installation.
First of all, you just need to remove the original Clash of Clans game from your Android device before installing the FHX server. This is necessary because in the original game there are some files that will create a problem when installing the FHX Private server.
Secondly, when you click on the download link above, a window appears on your screen, you just need to click the Save button to correctly save the Clash of Clans server on your device.
After the download is complete, go to the APK file and click on it to install it on your device. A window will appear again asking for some permissions on accessing the APK file to certain functions of your Android device. Just let the file access your device’s resources for proper operation.
Installation will begin and wait for completion. Just open the app and play your favorite game with unlimited possibilities, resources, precious stones, gold.



Clash of Dreams for Android and iOS

Christmas server 2018. The server received a more powerful version and a thematic update for Christmas and the new year.

  • Christmas theme, known as “Snowfall”.
  • In the new version, which was updated and published in December 2018, a new feature called Ice Wizard appeared.
  • In the same version that was discussed above, there is a Firecracker X Mas.
  • In the same version of December 2018, the Golden Christmas tree is included in the game.
  • Some special events, mods and troops added to the December 2018 version.

Installing Clash of Dreams

I have given the link below, click on this link and click on it, you will be redirected to download this APK file.
A pop-up window appears that asks you to save or open.
Click the Save button to save this APK file on your device.
Download will begin.
When the download is complete, go to the APK file that is stored on your device and click on it.
Another pop-up window will appear asking for permissions for your device and operating system resources. Just allow, and the installation of the apk file will start.

You can also install this game through the android emulator Bluestacks, installed on your PC, and play this game right from your PC.

Download Clash of Dreams

Clash Paradise

  • A large number of built-in mods.
  • Online battle.
  • Unlimited resources.
  • Quick commands are available to activate cheats.


Download APK Clash PARADISE Version 10.322

Clash of Bugs

This server has interesting features. You can access not only the mods for resources and new heroes, but also the opportunity to choose an arrangement for your bases.

Server Features:

  • Battles online in both villages.
  • New game events.
  • Participation in clan wars
  • Unlimited resources.
Download APK Clash of bugs

Miro Clash

Here we come to the most popular private server Clash of Clans, known as MiroClash. The question is why this server is more popular than others, so there are a number of official reasons to prove it. First of all, these are different types of servers with different types of functions for attracting more people. Always available server, a large selection of settings and mods – this is the secret of success of this server.

Server types

As I said earlier, it has different types of servers that attract more users than you expect. Three types of servers are listed below:

Normal server
It is available 2 hours a day and 7 days a week, this is 100% of the server uptime.

The complete absence of mods.

Modded server

If I compare the time of this server with the previous one, there will be no difference between the two servers.
The limit of troops – 1000 units.
The construction limit is 1000 buildings.

Premium server

This is special for YouTubers.
Uptime is the same as for previous servers running around the clock.
10,000 troop limits are available on this server.
The construction limit is also 10,000.
For users of the game are available teams YouTuber.

Server Features:

  • In the new version, the builder’s village and the town hall have been added, which are not available in the older version.
  • PvP is also included in all villages, this object is not available in the old version.
  • Some new commands are also included in this new version, which was not in the previous version.
  • New seasonal items and unlimited troops and buildings are also added to the new version.

When you try to install this private server, there may be some problem, for example, it will restart your device three or four times, so do not worry about it, just wait a while and do not interfere with the work.

DOWNLOAD MIROCLASH v 10.322.8 TX 12 with siege warriors and electric dragon

Clash of Souls

This is one of the few servers available for both android and iOS. You are waited by several versions of the server with various mods and additions. Here you can find only modified servers with TX 12 Town Hall.

  • Endless resources.
  • Online battles and clan wars.
  • All the latest updates and changes of the official Clash of Clans.
  • All new heroes with siege machines.
  • Town Hall TH 12 along with mega adze.
DOWNLOAD DARK SOULS v 7.6.5 S2 for android

To install on iOS, read here.


# 1 Are private COC servers secure?

Answer: Yes. Clash of Clans servers are 100% safe and you can use them without any fear.

# 2 How to download COC Private Server 2018?

Answer: To load the server, you just need to google requests that are called “server name COC”, for example, you need to download clash of magic, then we write “Clash of magic”, then you you need to go to the first link, and you get private servers.
# 3 What is a private COC server?

Answer: The COC Server is not developed by Suppercell, basically, these servers are developed by a third party. Using these servers, you can get an unlimited amount of gems and all other features that are available only in premium accounts.

# 4 Can I load these private servers for Android and IOS?

Answer: Yes, all these servers are compatible with both Android and IOS. You can play the game without any problems if you download servers from this site. More details on how to run private on iOS, we wrote in this article.

# 5 Can I play Clash of Clans on my PC?

Answer: Yes, you can easily play on your PC, just download Bluestacks Emulator and that’s it, you can download not only COC to your PC, but also all other games available for android.

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