Download the April update Clash of Clans 11.446.11

New screen

New update for Clash of Clans has been released. Developers do not cease to please players with new changes and interesting events. In the new update you will see new levels of buildings and units, a change in the game balance and many other interesting things. More information about the new update and how to download it, read on.

Description of the update online game Clash of Clans from April 02, 20192

New screen

Clash of Clans received a long-awaited update in which we will see a new hero, new game modes and updates to game levels.

New building levels

Tower 17 level archers:

  • The cost of upgrading 12 million gold.
  • Update time 12 days.
  • DPS: 122.
  • HP: 1430.

Level 17 cannon:

  • The cost of upgrading 12 million gold.
    Update time 12 days.
    DPS: 132
    HP: 1740

New troop levels

With the new level of the town hall, the levels of some heroes have changed. So, the Riders on the boar, the witches and the ice golem received new characteristics.

Together with the positive moments there are bad ones. They have increased the cost and upgrade time.

New balance game

Ice Golem. The balance of the Ice Golem in defense and attack was changed. He had inflated attributes because of which having Golems in his troops a player could easily win.

Wall Murals The level of health was slightly increased at level 5-8 and bomb damage at level 7-8.

Tornado traps. The vortex duration of each level of the Tornado trap has been reduced.

Got a change and the village builder. Received improvements to Battle Machine. Reduced cooldown and damage taken.

New game screen. To enable this screen, simply go to Settings> Advanced Settings> Using the dark screen in your home village.

Download the update Clash of Clans from 04/02/2019

You can download the update for free at the link below.

Clash of Clans v. 11.446.11 DOWNLOAD APK

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