Download private server MIROCLASH TX12 May 2018

new town hall 12

This is a new version of the private Miroclash server for the game Clash of Clans. The main change that awaits you – added the newest city hall TH12. Read on for details.

Miroclash private server overview

new town holl 12

Miroclash is a popular build mod for the game Clash of Clans. On this server, you can play online with other players that are on this server. This modification is one of the best of all released earlier. You can always find opponents here.

Town Hall

The new version includes the Last Town Hall from the official update TH12, but so far without siege vehicles, personal weapons of the town hall and an electric dragon. In the Town Hall you have access to the construction of up to 1000 different buildings.


Create troops with combat vehicles, giants and other heroes you can easily using the built-in cheat on resources. At your disposal will be endless crystals, gold and elixir.


You have access to clans and global chat for communication. Create your clan or join an existing one.

Hut builder

In addition to the town hall in the new version, you can play in the village of builders.

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  7. GolemLand,
  8. MiroClash ТХ 12.
  9. Clash of Souls 7.6.5

Play online on private server MiroClash 2018

To play online, download this server to your mobile device and install it. Installation is extremely simple – just run the downloaded APK file, which you can download via our website at the link below.

MiroClashTH12 fhx private server May 2018 for android – PLAY APK

To install on your home computer, you will need an android emulator.

Download emulator Bluestacks.

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