Download private server Miroclash 10.322.8 TH12

New town hall 12

Introducing the new server with the Town Hall 12 level Miroclash COC 10.322. You are waiting for the latest update of the official game of June 10, 2018 and new heroes available only on this server. To play on a free server with a town hall of level 12 and unlimited resources, you can now download the server through our website.

Overview of the private server Miroclash from June 10

New town hall 12

Micro Clash is another private server Coc, in which players can play with an unlimited number of troops and resources. The Clash of Clans private server is completely different from MicroClash from other private servers. While playing in Coc code, you may notice that the original background sounds of the game were replaced by new sounds, and the boat was also replaced by a submarine. In MicroClash, you can train heroes as troops, you can take thousands of troops into your attacks.

In this version, you will receive an unlimited elixir, unlimited Gold, unlimited Dark Elixir, and even unlimited gems. Upgrade all your buildings and improve your army, you can easily and easily, without spending a penny.

On the private MiroClash server, you can train as many warriors as you want. You can build any number of army camps and other buildings. Restrictions on the construction on this server you will not find. The servers provided by the Miro Clash team are very stable and fast, which means that you will not encounter any downtime or game maintenance during the game.

Server Features

Online battles in the village of the builder and on the base with a new town hall.
Added last level town hall.
Added new heroes and units.
Immediately available limit of 10,000 soldiers.
Clans and clan wars.
There is no limit to buildings.


To install the MiroClash client, download the APK installation file from the link below. After downloading, open the downloaded file and follow the simple instructions to install the server on your android. For the game you need an OS version not lower than 6.0. and turn on if you still have not done support for unknown sources. Otherwise, the file simply will not open.

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Download private server MiroClash TH12 10.322

You can download the client server from the link below through our website.

Private server COC MIROCLASH v 10.322 TH 12 – DOWNLOAD APK

For installation on a PC, use the android emulator.

Download emulator – Bluestacks.

Have a nice game!

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