Download Null’s private server 11.158 – Clash of Clans 2019

Chinese New Year at COC

We present a private server for the game Clash of Clans in 2019. You will find a great update of the game with new units, new levels and much more. The first 2019 update for the Nulls Clash of Clans server was released. The developers have updated the server to the latest version, in which new levels of buildings, new units and much more have been added. Christmas trees were replaced by another decoration. Also fixed some bugs.

About the private server Nulls Clash

Chinese New Year at COC

Finally, after a long wait, a new private server from Nulls came out with a new Townhall 12, I know that many of you were really waiting for this update, and its release took longer than expected.

The new Nulls Clash contains all the latest features that were in Clash Of Clans, such as the 12th level Town Hall, Electro Dragon Troop, siege machine and workshop, new levels and much more. This is one of the biggest Null’s Clash updates.

A new update may not be very stable, since many users will connect to it, so please be patient.

Features of the private server from February 04, 2019:

  • The server is updated to the last client of the game 11.185.15
  • Christmas trees are replaced with other decorations.
  • The server is equipped with unlimited resources, so you can upgrade your troops and buildings to max level.
  • Clan wars are now available.
  • You can fight with real players in the Town Hall and in the village of builders.
  • The game has custom commands.
  • Create or join a clan and engage in friendly battles with your clan friends.
  • Play the game and find out more!

In-game teams

/ Asp – attack your own base;
/ full – Maximize all the buildings in your base;
/ clean – clear all buildings (reset base);
/ Max – max your gold and elixir;
/ cct – Clear all spells and units in the Town Hall.

You can also read about the best private servers for the game Clash of Clans for 2018 in our top of the best servers.

Installation process

1) Download the APK from the link below.

2) Install and enjoy.


You can download the latest working version of the server for Android devices through our website at the link below. To run the game on a PC, use the Android emulator Bluestacks. Installation is simple – just download the emulator and follow the instructions of the installer.

Private server Nulls Clash 11.185 – Download APK

Bluestacks – Download.

Enjoy the game and do not forget to share with friends :)

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