Download hacked private server GolemLand COC

Introducing the new hacking of the official game Clash of Clans. The new server is called GolemLand. In it, you will see not only unlimited resources and new troops, but also improved server performance, and the added builder village will add many new sensations to the game. You can download this server for free through our website at the link in this article.

Overview of hacking a private server GolemLand fhx 10.136 from April 02, 2108

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The hacked Golemland server gives you unlimited resources to hire troops and improve your villages. Using this server you will receive all the latest changes to the original game as of April 02, 2018. All clans and communities, chat rooms for communication between players and battles in both villages will be available to you.

Goal of the game

Clash of Clans is an online strategy game in which you must play the role of commander in chief. In your submission will be the base with the main building – the town hall, which you must protect at all costs.

Battles take place on time and the attacker needs to completely destroy the entire enemy village to get the maximum rating. Maximum you can get three stars in one battle.

To improve your troops and spells, build military buildings and a laboratory, and using endless resources from this private server, update them without spending much time on it.

What is available on this server

With this update of the Golemland private server you will find all the new changes of the official game of the Russian version 10.136 from 04/02/2018. You will be waited for by the increased detachments of troops, new original buildings and exclusive structures added by the mods. Added the ability to organize battles in both villages.


For quick access to game cheats, use the list of commands below. Call them in the general game chat.

  • / help – all possible commands.
  • / cut – remove all garbage from the map.
  • / upgrade – improving all buildings and units to the maximum level.
  • / id – show your account number.
  • / refill – replenish stocks.
  • / tsarbomba – clear the map of all buildings.

Other hacked game servers can be found in the following links: Clash of lights 9.256, Clash of Magic 9.434.4, Plenixclash 9.256, Miroclash 9.434, Null’s Clash 9.256, ClashofBugs.

Download for free hacked Golemland server for Android and PC

You can download and install this private server through our website at the link below. Downloading is available to all users with OS Android from version 4.0

Private server Golemland 10.134.6 – DOWNLOAD APK.

Android emulator on PC – DOWNLOAD BLUESTACKS.

Do not forget to share with friends to play together on the server.

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