Download Hacked Clash of Clans – Plenixclash 9.256 fhx 2018

A new version of the hacked Clash of Clans with a village builder has been released. The new server Clash of Plenix v9.256 has infinite resources, new troops and the possibility of battles in both villages. Read more about this below.

Overview of the private server Clash of Clans version 9. 256

COC mod apk

Private server PlenixClash is an infinite amount of gold, elixir and crystals. New custom fashions and unlimited troops.

The hut of the builder and the town hall in one base

In the new version, the developers of this server added the ability to play on both villages of the builder. Now you can save your deployment of military bases.

Unlimited resources

You will have access to unlimited supplies to upgrade your troops and create new ones. Now you will not have to wait long until the research is over. Just spend the crystals, which you will have in abundance to accelerate production or the rapid completion of updates.

The server is available 24 hours a day.

On this server you can play at any time convenient for you. The server is stable around the clock for all players.

More complete information can be found on the official website of the developers of this hacking Clash of Plenix.

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Download private server Plenix Clash 9.256 for COC 2018

You can download the server and download it from the link below. You can download for Android and iOS completely free.

    Plenix Clash 9.256 official website DOWNLOAD.

PLENIX clashroyale v9.256 APK  from our site- DOWNLOAD.

To install, download the game file from the link above and run it on your mobile device. When you first start you may need a little more time to start this server than usual. In case you already have another private server installed, we advise you to remove it in order to avoid errors.

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