Download DarkSouls 7.6.5 private server for Clash of Clans 2018 for android

Screensaver Clash of souls beta 7.6

An update for the previously closed Darksouls COC server has been released. The new version may please all gamers with improved stability and the correction of previous errors. Here you will find all the latest changes from the full version of the game.

Overview of hacking a private server DarkSouls for Clash fo Clans 05.05.2018

Screensaver Clash of souls beta 7.6


DarkSouls is Clash of Clans with already built-in cheats. Waiting for you server as with a large number of mods, and only with cheats on resources.

The new version of the server 7.6.5 is made on the basis of the last patch of the official game. In addition to the official improvements in version 10.134.15, you can see custom mods.

Developers made four different servers, which differ in content. Each player will be able to find one that will embody many desires.

Server 1 is full.

This is the most complete version of the server. Here and unlimited resources and added exclusive characters. Build buildings and upgrade your troops without worrying about the amount of crystals and gold – you will have them unlimited.

Server 2 is partially enhanced.

Differences of this server from the full – the presence of restrictions in the number of buildings and the hiring of troops. You are waiting for the most similar clash of clans in fights. The players now do not have huge armies.

Server 3 – without mods.

The only cheat that you find in this version of the server is endless resources. All buildings and characters are only original and all have standard features.

System requirements

For each of the three servers you will need a mobile device android version from 6.0!

Download ClashofSouls private server v 7.6.5

Private server download is available at the link below. To install, simply run the downloaded file on your device and follow the simple instructions of the installer.


Download other server versions from the official developer site.

Android emulator on PC — DOWNLOAD BLUESTACKS.

To play without mods, download the clean game Clash of Clans DOWNLOAD game COC.

For installation on a PC, use the android emulator, which can be downloaded from the link above.

Top private servers for Clash of Clans:

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  2. Clash of lights 9.256,
  3. Clash of Magic 10.134.6,
  4. Plenixclash 9.256,
  5. Miroclash 9.434,
  6.  ClashofBugs,
  7. GolemLand,
  8. MiroClash ТХ 12.
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