Download Clash of magic 10.134.6 private server

This is a new modified clash of clans 10.134.6 with new features and updated mods. In it you are waiting for new troops, updated events and all the latest changes. The server is called Clash of Magic and is familiar to many players. It makes popular high-quality mods and a minimum of errors in the server.

A review of the Clash of Magic 10.134.6 private server for Clash of Clans

clash of nagic


Clash of Magic is a copy of the original clash of clans game with added mods and cheats. For each version, four servers are created with a different composition of mods. We will consider the server S1 with the maximum number of additions.

The S1 server includes:

  • New troops – heroes Huge skeleton and Pumpkin Barbarian.
  • Unlimited troops – create a huge army and send it to the capture of enemy villages.
  • Unlimited resources and an infinite number of possible buildings.
  • Added a village builder and the ability to organize battles there.
  • Updated themed events and updated gameplay.
  • Added clan wars.
  • Improved server performance compared to previous versions.

For new heroes new buildings were added that are necessary for their hiring. In addition to them, you can build a huge number of other buildings in the town hall and hire an unlimited number of troops. Build up to 1000 army camps and create an invincible army.

To quickly upgrade your troops and defenses to the last level, you can use the / maxbase 0 command.

The new update promises improved server performance, and so it will not be possible to judge this only by playing on it.

Other S2-S4 servers differ in the number of mods. You can get acquainted with them on the official website of the developers.

Official site of developers.

You can also read about other servers for playing Clash of Clans:

  1. Null’s Clash v10.134.11.
  2. Clash of lights 9.256,
  3. Clash of Magic 9.434.4,
  4. Plenixclash 9.256,
  5. Miroclash 9.434,
  6.  ClashofBugs,
  7. GolemLand,
  8. MiroClash ТХ 12.

Download the hacked private server Clash Of Magic 10.134.6

You can download this server to your mobile phone or tablet via the link below. It already includes all the available add-ons and is ready to play.

Clash Of Magic COC 10.134.6 Mod – DOWNLOAD APK

Android emulator on PC — DOWNLOAD BLUESTACKS.

To play without mods, download the clean game Clash of Clans DOWNLOAD game COC.

For installation on a PC, use the android emulator, which can be downloaded from the link above.

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