Download Clash of Lights private server v10.322 TH12

CLash of Lights new dragon and town Hall 12

Welcome to one of the best private servers with the TH 12 Town Hall for the online strategy of Clash of Clans. A new private Clash of Lights TX12 server with an inferno tower and a giant tesla has become available. Read on for details.

Clash of Lights version 10.322.4 private server description

CLash of Lights new dragon and town Hall 12

Clash of Lights is one of the best private CoC servers. Clash of Clans is a rather difficult game, because there are a very limited amount of available resources, and players have to wait a long time to unlock various achievements. Clash of Lights APK is here to remove all resource limits that stop you from progressing. This is one of the private servers where you get an unlimited amount of gold, gems and elixir.

This game client includes the town hall along with its inferno defense gun. among the new units, this is of course all siege weapons from the last official update of the game.

Key features:

Full town hall with its own defense tower.
Giant Tesla.
Siege ram and airships will now help you in battles with a strong defense.
Upgrade building levels and defensive buildings.
Speed ​​and stability even on weak devices.

native village with endless resources

TOP best private servers for the game Clash of Clans:

  1. Null’s Clash v10.134.11.
  2. Clash of lights 9.256,
  3. Clash of Magic 10.134.6,
  4. Plenixclash 9.256,
  5.  ClashofBugs,
  6. GolemLand,
  7. MiroClash 10.322.8,
  8. Clash of Souls 7.6.5.

Download Clash of Lights private server v10.322

You can download the S1 private server version via the link below through our website.

Clash of Lights v 10.322 3 S1 – СКАЧАТЬ.

Server installation – Download the apk file and run it on your mobile.

You can also launch this server on a PC. To do this, download the android emulator.

Android emulator for pc Bluestacks — DOWNLOAD

To install, run the downloaded file and follow the simple instructions of the installer.

Fight with the army of electro-dragons and new siege machines on this server with unlimited resources.

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