Download Clash Of Bugs 2018 Private Server – Clash of Clans

The new version of the private server Clash of Bugs has been released. You will be available to new battles, heroes and altered villages. Server you can download for free through our website. More details later in this article.

Overview of the hacking of the private server ClashofBugs from March 19, 2018

LOgo clash of bugs

This private server is a copy of the game Clash of Clans, but with already added cheats on resources and new heroes. You can easily build an infinite number of buildings and instantly improve all your troops. Do not forget that the enemy also has all these capabilities, and therefore the battles promise to be very interesting. You will have to rely not only on the power of your troops, but also on military tactics. Successful trophy hunt.

Builder’s Village

In this version, both villages will be available to you. Upgrade the builder’s hut and the town hall to participate in battles among the participants of this server. In both villages you will be available PvP battle.


Join an existing clan or create your own with friends and raise it to the top positions.


This server has already included custom mods that have added new buildings and new units to the game. You are waiting for exclusive characters not included in the official game.


Unlimited crystals, gold and elixir are available to all gamers on this server.


Among other changes, it is worth noting a new game screensaver, added new seasonal trials.

We have collected the best servers for the game Clash of Clans:

Server Clash of lights 9.256, Server Clash of Magic 9.434.4, Server Plenixclash 9.256, Miroclash 9.434, Null’s Clash 9.256.


Before installing, make sure that you do not have any other servers to play on your mobile device. It is also recommended to remove if an official game is installed. Otherwise, errors can occur and in rare cases account blocking. Supercell does not recognize any private servers and strictly fights against all players who use third-party mods.

  • To install, download the APK file from the link below.
  • Run it on your device and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Start the installed game and after activating start playing.

Download CLASH BUGS private server for Android

You can download this server from the link below. Downloading is available through our website at a direct link. Download without ads and transitions to other pages.

Private server Clash of bugs FHX – DOWNLOAD APK mod.

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