Download Brawl Stars Official Update – September 2019

Sandy at the Bravo Stars

Supercell has released a new update to its Brave Stars game with the new Sandy Browler. We invite you to find out what awaits us and of course you can download the new update by the link at the end of this article.

Supersell September gift for all Bravo Stars fans

Sandy at the Bravo Stars

The developers have prepared for us a big update in which, in addition to improving the operation of the servers, we will see a new character, Sandy, two new game modes and several new maps.

Three new skins for old characters were added and the appearance of many game characters was changed.

New Brawler Sandy

Sandy’s new legendary character is a master of disguise and powerful attacks. You can either attack the enemy with the help of sand, throwing a stream of sand directly at the enemy, or make your ally invisible by hiding him in a sandstorm. Moreover, you can immediately attack an enemy group like Nita or Tara. One of Sandy’s super abilities is healing – create a sand stream and you can restore 300 health for friendly units.

Lone star

gameplay sandy

This is a 10 player game where you play one against all. The player with the most stars at the end wins.

Players are reborn on the edge of the map after a defeat.

Current player position information is hinted at in the upper right.

One star can be collected from the middle of the map.


This is a game in 10 player mode, where all players fight against each other, as well as against a controlled AI boss. The player who does the most damage to the boss wins the game.

Players are reborn on the edge of the map after a defeat.


Pirate gin

new sandy skin

Download update

You can download the new update to your android from the link below through our website.

Brawl Stars версия 21.73 DOWNLOAD for android

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